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Job boards


Career Research


Local Resources

  • Working NB

  • Working NB computer lab

  • Planet Hatch and Ignite Fredericton

  • Fredericton Public Library (computer lab and free workshops)

  • local farm foods:  


Additional Resources

Mental Health Resources

Public Education


We are pleased to offer presentations to schools and employers about the wide-ranging impacts of mental health and addiction issues on employment, and how to effectively support an employee living with these challenges in the workplace.

Community Resources


Let's Work staff is familiar with the network of social services available in Fredericton.  We use this knowledge to make sure that our clients are connected with as many community supports as necessary to assure that their comprehensive health care needs are being met, while we focus on assisting them with their vocational-related needs.


Informational Interviews


Let’s Work staff is willing to conduct informational interviews with any individual who is looking to work in non-profit and human services, or who would like to develop strong skills in conducting interviews of this nature.

We are open to being contacted by email and if you require any accommodations during the process, please let us know ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate.


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