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You’ve read about our services and you would like to access them for yourself or your client. So, what next?

  • You can request a referral form for those aged 17 years and older by contacting us at 451-9190, by emailing, or downloading the referral form from the New Link tab on our Homepage.

  • If you do not know the answers to specific questions it is alright to leave them blank as we can gather that information in the intake assessment. That being said, the more information we have the better we can work with the client.

  • Additionally, we might contact you to clarify or ask follow-up questions if we deem it necessary.

  • You can send the completed form once more to:  We recommend password protecting the file and sending us the password in an additional email.

  • You can fax the referral to us at 506-443-4349.

  • You can drop it off to our office at G23-65 Brunswick Street (The Victoria Health Centre)

How to know if an individual would be an appropriate referral?

  • You can contact us and discuss the case over the phone. We can provide our initial assessments then. If our recommendation is that this individual might not be “workforce ready” we can either move forward with the intake assessment upon your request and do a more thorough assessment then or provide suggestions to help the individual change their situation so they become more viable for the program.

  • If the individual is experiencing current and persistent suicidal ideation, we would suggest that they access mental health services and focus on safety prior to being inducted into the program.

Rational behind some of the questions in the referral:

  • A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is required by our internal database. We need the SIN in order to open up a file and make you/client an active client of Let’s Work.

  • We ask about living accommodations to indicate how stable the living situation is currently. If you are focusing on where you are going to sleep tomorrow night, focusing on a job search is rightfully a challenge.

  • Knowing your income helps use gauge your timeline of looking for work.

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