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Our Program & Services

Our Program

Clients are typically referred to the Let's Work program through an outside source (i.e. psychiatrist/physician, Employment Counsellor, Addiction & Mental Health Services worker, Department of Social Development Case Manager, Social Worker, Employment Assistance Service (EAS) Provider, etc.). Our most common sources for referrals come from Addiction & Mental Health Services Fredericton, Department of Social Development, and Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL), but we also accept self-referrals and those from private physicians and various other human services agencies.

“Workforce ready”

To access Let’s Work services, individuals must be “workforce” ready. To be workforce ready there is an assumption that one can gain and maintain employment with or without support. Those accessing our services must be able to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to job searching and be willing to engage in various activities (some independently) as outlined in the individualized employment action plan created with a Job Developer.

*Note: Let’s Work is not a job placement agency. We are an employment counselling service and will work collaboratively with those we work with to ensure that they are prepared to effectively search for employment on their own in the future.


Once an individual is referred to our program we will contact them within 24 hours of receiving the referral to schedule an intake assessment. During the intake assessment, the client will meet with both Let’s Work case managers to review their education and employment history and explore past and present mental health concerns and barriers. We discuss the clients’ strengths and areas for improvement and create an Employment Action Plan based on their individual needs.



Once we have assisted the client in determining a vocational goal and an Employment Action Plan has been mutually agreed upon, we offer a number of services based on that client's individual needs, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Job search exploration and assistance with job applications

  • Resume and cover letter preparation and revision assistance

  • Job interview coaching (including conducting mock interviews, assistance with informational interviews, etc.)

  • Assistance acquiring and maintaining wage subsidy programs

  • Advocacy

  • Employment maintenance

  • Support

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Pre-Employment Services

We recognize that it can be hard to know where to begin your job search. Let’s Work offers a range of pre-employment services including, but not limited to:
•           Resume and cover letter preparation.
•           Assistance in completing job applications.
•           Skills training as required in areas such as interview skills,

social skills, workplace, and interpersonal boundaries and etiquette.
•           Referrals to relevant programs to seek funding for participants who require further training in either general or specific areas, including digital literacy, first aid/CPR, and Workplace Essential Skills (WES) programs.


Supportive Job Search & Job Development

Finding the right job can be stressful and overwhelming, we are happy to provide supportive job search assistance.

Supportive job search services include:

•           Identifying job market opportunities and assisting in   the search for employment.

•           Aid in the creation of a job search action plan that takes into account mental health needs and vocational interests.
•           Creating liaisons with various government departments and accessing funding and job creation programs on behalf of clients.
•           Approaching employers on behalf of clients, depending on their situation and barriers.


Employment Maintenance

Our support does not end once a client has been employed. While finding employment can seem like the biggest obstacle, maintaining it can be equally as challenging for some. Once a client has found employment, we remain connected with them during the initial period of employment (or longer, depending on the needs of the individual). We offer employment maintenance counselling services to our clients as a way of guiding them through the new challenges of beginning and maintaining a new job.
We are able to mediate conflict and problem-solve with employers/employees in the event that conflict and problems arise, to help ensure that those we work with can keep their jobs.

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